The Golden Ticket Independent Living Program 

The Golden Ticket Independent Living Program is planned to come in 2021 and was founded by Pastor Larry in 2016. This program is partnered with the Outreach Ministry Tell Your Testimony For Him Church a 501c(3) Corporation. The Golden Ticket is a direct Vocation Training Program in Film Production provided to those transitioning out of the foster system. This program provides the youth a counseling/therapy, educational support, business experience, and living with spiritual guidance.

Counseling / Therapy

Many of our students arrive with trust issues towards staff, personnel, therapists and other students. That is why we will provide counseling and therapy in a safe environment to the youth. This allows them to grow and feel at place. We offer a traditional therapy intervention to students that need it. We also provide transportation to and from appointments as needed.

Educational Support

We provide tutors and resources to help their education. This includes study help, college help, and much more. Education is important in a child’s life and we are decade to help them achieve higher education.

Business Experience 

Pastor Larry Atkins has owned and operated a complete Film Production Studio to serve the church community. Over the years Pastor Larry has gained experience and knowledge in helping the youth acquire the life skills they need to lead healthy and productive lives. The hallmark of Pastor Larry’s work is to help disadvantaged youth address problems and achieve goals. The Golden Ticket Program will help to transition the youth into adulthood and then into independent living. As a working discipleship home they approach Golden Ticket as part of the early intervention phase that focuses on emotions growth and personal habits. The Gold Tickets first goal is to work with students to alter bad habits and improve them. When students come to our program they are immersed involve in real world situations by working in the Film Production Studio. We will help to create an individualized plan based on a youth’s strengths, needs, and teamwork abilities. Then they will assist in the Film Production by working a position based on their individualized plan.


The Golden Ticket also offers a home-like environment for interaction between students and staff. This makes it safer students to make mistakes and learn from them. At each home staff includes house manager/counselor is appointed to live with the youth in order to look after the youth. Everyone living in the homes are required to do chores such as clean room or take out trash. Each home will have a game room and a study center. This allows for structure but a fun environment. There are rules that will be emplaced at each home but are there to help.

Overall, The Golden Ticket Independent Living Program strives to help the youth. We have one goal for our program to take place. In order for this we need staff and donations. If you are inserted in being apart of this please email me at Also all purchases made to GHJS clothing line a percentage goes back into helping start The Golden Ticket. If you would like to donate please click the button below anything helps and God bless 🙂