The Golden Ticket Program

The Golden Ticket Independent Living Program

The Golden Ticket Independent Living Program was founded by Pastor Larry Atkins in 2016 as an Outreach Ministry under the Tell Your Testimony For Him Church as a 501c(3) Corporation. He created a direct Vocation Training Program from his  Film and Media Production Business as a Community Service to train interested youth.

Pastor Larry Atkins has owned and operated a complete film production studio to serve the church community. Over the years, Pastor Atkins has gained experience and knowledge in helping youth acquire the life skills they need to lead healthy and productive lives. The hallmark of Pastor Larry’s work to help disadvantaged youth address problems and achieve goals. These plans and goals are used to create individualized plans, based on a youth’s strengths, need ,and teamwork.

The Golden Ticket Program in Santa Fe Springs, California transitions youth into adulthood and then into independent living. As a working discipleship home they approach Golden Ticket as part of the early intervention phase that focuses on emotions growth and personal habits.Gold Tickets first foal is to work with students to alter bad habits and improve resilience.When students come to our program involve them in real world situations in a real working business of film production. Golden Ticket also offers a home-like environment for interaction between students and staff. This makes it safer students to make mistakes and learn from them.

Many of our students arrive with trust issues for staff, personnel ,therapists ad the like. That is why counseling at Gold Ticket happens in real time and at the very moment a situation develops. We develop an immediate acknowledgement of their behavior and emotions. We provide coaching to the youth and fro their experience they will learn the life skills for independent learning. We offer traditional therapy intervention to students that need it. Transportation to and from appointments are provided as needed.